My Approach

I am an entrepreneur at heart involved in running my own companies. I have always enjoyed working with businesses throughout my legal career. My approach to representing businesses is simple:

  1. I'll get to know your business and you personally. In order to provide great representation, we need to develop a relationship of trust. If I've done my job you will consider me a part of your team.
  2. You shouldn't be afraid to call your lawyer because of cost. Generally, I charge flat fee rates rather than charging by the hour for business matters. We will talk about your matter and I'll let you know the cost before we begin. When you get the bill, it will be the amount we discussed.
  3. If you ever have an issue with me, please call me to discuss. Client service is a matter of pride for me. I want you to be satisfied with your legal services and I'll work hard to make sure that happens.


Many early stage companies believe that a lawyer isn't affordable for them, yet they desperately need legal advice. Fixing problems is almost always more expensive than proactively preventing the problem. To prevent those problems, you need to have a lawyer involved in the important decisions that impact your company. If an early stage company has to pay by the hour it can be cost prohibitive.

So I've developed a subscription service plan that allows early stage companies the opportunity to consult with a lawyer on a regular basis and have a trusted advisor as a part of the team. Eligible companies will receive:

  • PHONE CALLS AND EMAILS SUPPORT so you get legal advice when you need it. Client communication will generally be returned within 24 hours. You won't need to worry that you will be billed for every phone call or email;
  • REVIEW AND/OR DRAFTING OF 2 BASIC LEGAL DOCUMENTS EACH YEAR AT NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE (examples include non-compete agreements, real estate leases, non-disclosure documents, confidentiality agreements, independent contractor agreements, and basic business contracts);
  •  REGISTERED AGENT SERVICES FOR IOWA (not including the biennial report filing fee of $30 every two years);
  • MEMBER DISCOUNT on all additional legal services provided to the business.

Iowa Business Law Services Subscription Plan Price = $125 per month

Premium Services Plans are also available on a customized basis as the client's business grows and the legal needs become more sophisticated.

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