Start Up Business Information for Iowa Businesses

A Quick Checklist for Starting A Business in Iowa

  1. Find out the availability of your proposed business name. You can do a quick search on the Iowa Secretary of State Web site to see if your name is available or we are happy to do the search for you. If your name doesn't appear in the search of database names, it is likely available. You also should also perform a free search on U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Web site to determine whether someone else has your proposed name (or a similar name) trademarked. If you have questions about whether your name is available be sure to consult a business or intellectual property lawyer.
  2. Pick a place to incorporate or form your limited liability company (LLC). Generally I recommend incorporating or forming an LLC in Iowa if you are are an Iowa resident.
  3. Create your Articles of Incorporation or Certificate of Organization.
  4. Prepare corporate bylaws or the operating agreement. The bylaws (corp) or operating agreement (LLC) sets out how the company will govern itself and how it will conduct its business affairs.
  5. Create meeting minutes, resolutions and agreements. It is a good idea to document the initial meeting minutes of the company. It's a great idea to prepare a Buy/Sell Agreement if you have two or more shareholders or members in your business.
  6. Obtain your employer identification number (EIN). Your corporation or LLC will need to obtain a separate employer identification number so it can be identified for tax and other financial purposes.

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